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Tea-Based Skin Care

Be You-Tea-Ful

Our company sells homemade organic wellness and skincare tea products for personal and spa use. Beneficial for men and women, our products enhance relaxation while allowing the skin to restore its smooth, lively, and youthful glow.

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Feel Well Sip Well

Our Products

We create gender-neutral tea-based skincare products for personal and spa use to complete your holistic transformation journey.

View tea differently. See and feel the difference as your muscles begin to relax and your skin regains its youthful luster. Ingredients are listed on our FAQ pageTo purchase, please visit our online store. 

Hand Soap

Germ-fighting, hydrating, happy hands


Massaging Soap

Exhilarating massage action while you bathe 


Body Scrub*

Providing a natural way to feel and look amazing

$10 & up


Softer and Radiant Skin

$5 & up

Bath Tea

Aid with relaxation and detoxification

$4 & up

Fragrance Oil*

Replace your perfume or cologne. Use this oil to leave your skin feeling extra luxurious


Hand Sanitizer

Prevent spread of infection


Face Mask w/Filter & Fragrance Oil

Aromatherapy while you protect yourself